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New Turkey

2011 Perspective on Economy

2011 Perspective on Economy


Thanks to its reforms over post 2001 crisis Turkey’s economy has emerged as one of the least affected countries by the global financial crisis.
In a short time of period Turkish economy has recovered and its financial sector became vibrant which has given Turkey a competitive advantage over other countries.

Prospects of Constitutional Reform in Turkey


Turkish politics is currently undergoing a heated political debate on the constitutional reform package (supported by Prime Minister Erdogan's ruling party), which is on its way to a referendum this Sunday. The package includes amendments to 26 articles of the current constitution along.

New World

The New Turkey and U.S.-Turkish Relations

The New Turkey and U.S.-Turkish Relations

The United States has to deal with a very different Turkey today than the Turkey during the Cold War. The disappearance of the Soviet threat has reduced Turkey’s dependence on the United States for its security and deprived the U.S.-Turkish security partnership of a clear unifying purpose.

Was Killing Bin Laden a Mistake?

“He lived a hero, he died a martyr...if they killed one Osama, a thousand others will be born,” says a comment on a Facebook group called “We are all Osama bin Laden.” The group was formed one hour after US President Barack Obama’s announcement of the Al Qaeda leader’s death.